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black beauty

she walks in beauty like the night

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my mood theme was created by bittersweet_art via mood_mania - tutorial by euterpeslullaby via crackified - extra special thanks to nebakanezer for the additional help!

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my fave authors: jane austen, the brontes, lord byron, john keats, shakespeare, tolkien, terry pratchett, anne rice, charlaine harris, jasper fforde, george r r martin, diana gabaldon,...

my fave tv shows: game of thrones, the borgias, supernatural, doctor who, torchwood, being human, true blood, the tudors, chuck, buffy the vampire slayer, highlander, rome, veronica mars, moonlight, and all the other ones either containing vampires or evolving around historical figures etc.,...

my fave movies: pride & prejudice (it was SO epic i call it a movie, not a tv show), lord or the rings, amelie, underworld, gladiator, braveheart, wolfhound (volkadav),...

... and many, many more X)

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